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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Helping make Christian education affordable for all families.

Financial Aid Services available at Cumberland Christian School include:

Church/School Matching Scholarship
When churches provide scholarship assistance to families, CCS will match the amount of the church scholarship up to $250 per family. This match would result in a tuition reduction of up to $500 per year. This program is bound by certain provisions from the IRS. The family or friends cannot directly or indirectly disguise tuition for the student by contributing to the church. To qualify, the application must be approved by the church and returned to CCS with the money before July 1st of that school year.

Financial Aid Grant
Financial aid grants are awards given to school families based upon need. They are not a loan.  Applicants must apply to the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) service for an evaluation of the family’s finances. A copy of the latest tax return is required. FAST reviews the family finances and makes a recommendation to the CCS Financial Aid Committee. To apply, click on the FAST link above.  Returning families should apply by April 15.  The earlier you apply, the better the chance that funds will be available.  Awards are made by CCS around June 15.  Financial Aid is awarded following the completion of the application process.

Christian School Discount
Cumberland Christian School will provide up to a 10% discount to families that have children in another evangelical Christian school. This discount, however, must be matched by the other school. Any amount of discount may be matched up to the10%. This means that if both schools give a 10% discount, the family could receive an overall 20% reduction.

Work Scholarships
In the work scholarship, a portion of the tuition can be paid by working for the school. This work is normally done on scheduled school Parent Work Days. The work scholarship is approved and awarded in the same manner and by the same time deadlines as a financial aid grant. While the application is kept confidential, because of work being done, it is not possible to maintain complete confidentiality. In the work scholarship program, we expect your paycheck to be used to pay tuition.

Pastors’ Scholarships
In recognition of the importance of pastors in the work of the Kingdom, CCS makes special financial assistance available. All full-time pastors receive a 15% tuition discount.

Maintenance Work Fee
CCS charges a maintenance fee of $125 per parent. This fee helps fund major facility upgrades and repairs (heating system, flooring, etc). This fee can be waived if a parent works at least 4 hours on one of scheduled Parent Work Days. A two parent family can save $250 if both parents attend a work day.

Advance Tuition
A 2% discount is given to any family that pays the tuition in full for the coming school year before July 1st.In addition, a family can “lock in” current tuition rates by paying for future years. This is possible when a full year of tuition is received at least 12 months in advance of the start of that school year. There is no limit to the number of years that can be paid in advance and the tuition is computed at the current year’s rate.

CCS is committed to helping you lay the foundation of Christian education. Please let us know how we can assist you!  Please contact the CCS Business Office for more information on any of these programs.

Phone:  856-696-1600, ext 322

To apply for financial assistance for Cumberland Christian School, select the FAST button above.

Assistance completing the FAST application is available with this downloadable manual.

Financial Aid is awarded following the completion of the application process.