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From the Head of School


Hello CCS community,

My name is Cindy Hollingsworth, and I could not be more excited to join you as the new Head of School. I was able to meet all the students as well as some of you during my visit in March, and I can’t wait to get started this July. I will arrive in late June from Qatar, and I will begin coming in on July 15.

My heart and soul have always been in Christian education. I am a graduate of Florida Bible College where my heart was captured by education, and from there went directly to the classroom at Island Christian School in the Florida Keys. I wore many hats in my 35+ years there, teaching everything from preschool to AP Calculus, but my main focus was MS HS Math. I went on to get my Masters from Tennessee Temple University, ironically one year before my predecessor Ken.

In 2016, I relocated to Doha, Qatar to teach Math and help build a HS program from the ground up in an American curriculum school. It has been an exciting 6 years, but in my heart I knew it was time to get back to my roots. I missed being able to make an eternal difference in the lives of students and their families. I also knew it was time to move out of the classroom so I could help mentor, train, and watch the next generation of educators flourish.

I believe I have been led by God to CCS. I believe that I was called there for such a time as this. I am excited to help lead the school into a new era of positivity and involvement in the community and beyond. I want the community to see what great leaders are being produced, and I hope to help our kids get that recognition right where we live. I am also familiar with accreditation, and will be there to help the team that is already in place.

Finally, I apologize for being so silent this Spring. Right after my visit with you all, I contracted Infective Incarditis after a dental cleaning. I have spent the last 45 days in the hospital, not only undergoing daily IV antibiotic therapy, but also teaching my classes via Zoom, selling my home in Florida, and packing up my apartment in Qatar. I could not have done any of this without the help of folks in all three places.

I look forward to seeing you in person, so don’t feel shy about saying hello if you see me in town. I’ll take any advice about living where I’ll have to get what my brother calls a “yankee car” and negotiating a new way of life!

See you soon,