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Welcome to the CCS Library

The CCS Library Media Center's collection includes high quality Christian-themed and secular resources paying close attention to the curriculum and other extended interests.  Our K3-12 students, faculty, staff, and parents, are well-served by this collection.  About 20,000 items are fully automated.

We have special collections that few other libraries have: 

  • The History of the BIBLE
  • America's Godly Heritage
  • Spiritual insights in The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Missions / missionaries
  • Devotionals & biographies of Christians
  • Bible references
  • Christian family & parenting

Ours is a library "without walls" due to the Internet, inter-library loan and online magazine searches. Libraries throughout New Jersey borrow books/media from CCS daily!

Our CCS Librarian: Mrs. Torrance

My name is Sherri Torrance, and I have been working at CCS for 8 years. I am a 1990 graduate of Liberty University with a BS in Child Psychology and a minor in English. I recently received my ACSI certification as well. I began my time at CCS as a teachers’ aide in 5 different elementary and middle school classrooms, and I was an aide in the CCS Library for 7 years. I have been teaching Sunday School, AWANA, and Junior Church at my church for 20 years. I have two wonderful children, Katelyn and Dylan, who are both currently enrolled at CCS.

Our CCS Library is a very exciting place to be! The students enjoy hearing stories, learning to use encyclopedias, Bible concordances, almanacs, and more! We have many lessons each year about how to use the Dewey Decimal System and the Library computer system. We always look for THE BOOK in every book, finding treasures from God’s Word in all we do.