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Middle School Guidance

Middle School Guidance Resources

The Forgotten Middle

Part of the ACT College Readiness Series outlining the importance of middle school as laying an essential foundation for success in high school, college, and the work force. The report gives students, parents, and schools insight into the academic requirements for continuing future success in school and work.


College Readiness Begins in Middle School

This is an ACT Policy Report describing the importance of assisting middle school students to begin making the careful choices about high school with a view toward college preparedness. It offers some recommendations for schools and parents and a rationale for using EXPLORE to assist students.

My Future, My Way: How to Go, How to Pay

This is a short booklet from the US Department of Education that is subtitled: "A Workbook for Students in Middle and Junior High Schools." Paper copies are available in the Guidance Office.


8th Grade students take the EXPLORE readiness test.  The links and information below can assist parents and students better understand what to expect on the test and the benefits gained in the test results. You may contact Mrs. Brandhorst for more information.