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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

International Students


"Thank you CCS for the privilege of hosting two beautiful lives through the  exchange program!  Our children have had the opportunity to love and learn about the Chinese culture in a way that will impact their lives forever!  Our prayer for our exchange sons is that our Father would forever change their lives for His Kingdom purposes and generations would come to know our Jesus all because we said "YES" to hosting them!!!!!"

~Kim Medio 2016

In an effort to look past the borders of our own country, Cumberland Christian School is opening our enrollment to students from China who are interested in an American Christian Education.  We have prayerfully taken on the international student program and realize that we are not equipped to do this alone. CCS has partnered with Princeton Educational Services Corporation (PEDUS) to accomplish this goal.

PEDUS is an agency based in Princeton, New Jersey that specializes in supporting schools in this endeavor.  They will recruit students from China, interview their families, and help us make the student’s transition as smooth as possible.  They will also help Cumberland Christian School by providing support.

Again, we are not equipped to do this alone. While we have the support of Princeton Educational, we also need our local churches help.  CCS is looking for host families to house our new students.  This is a ten-month commitment (September-June) and there is a $1,000 per month stipend to offset the extra expense.

Each student will need his or her own furnished bedroom with a bed, desk, and closet.  They will also need internet access.  The host family will need to provide food, transportation, and a safe, caring environment for the student.  We are seeking families that will surround these students with God’s love.

Will you please pray for us and our international students?  Would you consider reaching out to your congregation and share our venture?  If anyone is interested in partnering with us by hosting an international student, please have them contact Margaret Weyman at 856-696-1600, x 319, or email


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