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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Tuition Information

Here is the Tuition Schedule for the 2018-2019 school year (Click the image to save/print a .pdf.). You may also create a new student application for 2018-2019 right now when you click here.

Every possible effort is made at CCS to keep tuition as affordable as possible. At the same time, it is the desire of Cumberland Christian School to provide a quality Christian education. Therefore we wish to provide a Christian education, but to do so in a manner which maximizes the talents and abilities of our students. CCS parents look upon the cost of educating their children as an investment which pays great dividends. . .now and eternally.

"I have two children attending CCS, and it is excellent. The school is authentically Christian, with excellent academics, at a reasonable cost. High school students, especially those in the honors program, do very well in both being admitted to excellent colleges and in obtaining merit scholarships. They have a mindset of continuous improvement and parental involvment. This school is a real treasure." - Parent

"If I 'm going to spend money on one thing for my child, I want it to be her education." - Parent


Each family completes a Financial Agreement Form to select a payment plan.  Most families divide the year's tuition into 12 months.  The financial agreement form and the first month's tuition (equal to at least 1/12 the annual tuition) must be turned in to the business office within ten days of acceptance to confirm attendance and reserve a place in class for your children.  This down payment is non-refundable and if paid by July 1st is considered your July payment.

Tuition equal to 1/12 of the total is due on the first of each month starting July 1st.  A late fee is charged when payment is not received by the 10th of the month.  Families are charged a pro-rated amount if a student attends school any part of the marking period.  Any family withdrawing before school begins in September will be responsible for one month's tuition.

Tuition covers student accident insurance and textbooks.  There are other programs for children in extended care, Discovery Skills (learning disabilities) or music instruction that have special fees.  Information is available from the business office at ext. 322.

Each parent is required to help with cleaning and maintenance of the school on a special workday during the year.  Some parents choose to pay an extra "Maintenance Day Fee" in lieu of such work.

A 3% reduction of tuition is available to families who pay an entire year of tuition by July 1st.  Families who pay by electronic fund transfer can deduct $2.00 per month.


CCS does not desire a family to be refused a Christian education due to finances and we will try to work with families who are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to provide a Christian education.  Applications for Tuition Assistance are considered after a family has been accepted for enrollment.  Most assistance is awarded in June and is awarded on a first come, first served basis.  There are other programs to assist Christian families as well.  Contact our school business office for applications and more information.  Please click here for a complete listing of Financial Aid Services.