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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Athletic Director's Dispatch

August 2018

The 2018-2019 school year is fast approaching, and the CCS athletic department is anticipating an exciting year of athletics at both the middle school and high school levels. Our varsity soccer teams have been completing summer training on their own and look forward to the beginning of formal practices on August 6 for boys and August 13 for girls. Middle School co-ed soccer will begin practices on August 20.

It is of utmost legal importance that all athletes have all of their paperwork completed and handed in to Mrs. Biagi in the main office before they begin formal practices. It cannot be stressed enough that athletes will not be able to practice or compete this year without every form completed. No exceptions. The forms needed this year are: physical form (must be completed by a physician yearly), athletic participation form, concussion protocol form, and the use and misuse of opioid drugs fact sheet form.  These forms are available here as well as from the main office.

With any new year come changes and, hopefully improvements to our athletic programs.

The first change that we are implementing will be to allow our 5th grade students to compete for our middle school teams. Most of our opponents at this level are K-8 schools that also allow 5th graders on their teams, so our 5th graders will not be the only 5th graders on the field of play. This year we will be sponsoring co-ed soccer, girls’ basketball, and boys’ basketball. If the numbers allow, and we have coaches, we would also like to offer middle school girls’ softball, and middle school boys’ baseball. We are always in need of coaching help at this level, so if you are interested in coaching at the middle school level, please email me.

In regard to our end of season athletic banquets, beginning this year, instead of holding an evening event, we have decided to honor our athletes at the end of each season in chapel during the school day. Our hope is that this change will help build school spirit as we honor the athletes in front of their peers. Each team will be encouraged to hold an end of the year party on their own as they see fit.

As you may be aware, this year we will charge athletic fees to help cover the expenses of our athletic programs. Competing in athletics is not inexpensive. Last year the athletic department paid nearly $8,000 in referee fees for our home contests. When added to the supplies to prepare the outdoor fields for play, as well as game day equipment that needs to be purchased, coaching stipends, league fees, uniform costs, transportation, etc., the total cost for a year of athletics nears $20,000. Our fees of $75 per sport at the high school level and $55 per sport at the middle school level will allow our athletes to compete in our home games by helping to cover the cost of referees and other expenses but will not cover the costs entirely. Athletes will still be responsible to cover costs associated with tournaments, including entry fees and lodging, as well as any gear that a team chooses to purchase.

In order to meet the other financial needs of the CCS athletic program, as well as begin to fund facility improvements, this year we are offering sponsorship banners for purchase by friends of Crusader Athletics. Each athletic team will be responsible for helping to recruit sponsors to purchase these banners that will add to our athletic fund and help purchase equipment and fund upgrades to our facilities. Our goal is to add 60 sponsorship banners to our athletic facilities in 2018-2019. Please pray about businesses that you can approach to sponsor a banner this year.  Click here for a Sponsor-a-Sign form.

As always, I welcome your questions about CCS athletics. I look forward to watching our Crusaders train and compete this year!

Katy Bofinger,

Athletic Director