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Why Indian people hate aadhar card
ritwik 03/14/2018 02:25 AM CST

In 2016 Aadhar a personal identity number was issued to all Indians.The validity of Aadhaar was challenged in the court, despite that the central government pushed citizens to link their Aadhaar number with a host of services like mobile sim cards, bank accounts, employment provident fund and a large number of welcome schemes. Many people observed that government implemented Aadhaar focusing only on the social benefits such as changing of birth date and ignoring the security aspects of Aadhar. There are many reasons why Indian people hate Aadhaar but the most prominent reasons are as follows-

Misuse of bank details- Banks are making it compulsory to link Aadhaar cards to bank accounts. This can be used to forge the transaction and endure a loss to many. Even if Aadhaar numbers were proof of identity, which it is not, if it is used to make transactions, it will lead to many scams and encourage money laundering. Aadhaar identification will be used in the same manner as ATM cards. It may help to reach cashless transactions to a large number of people but can also be misused to forge transactions.

Chances of losing LPG subsidy- Most of our accounts have PAN linked to saving account. If you link your Aadhaar details to the bank account, the government can track your annual income from the PAN details of the Aadhaar linked bank accounts. The Government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar card to a bank account to avail LPG subsidy. In this way, people with an annual income of more than 10 lakhs won’t be able to claim LPG subsidy.

Breach of security- Aadhar is a project being handled by a private company. It is a foreign company which may have a link with outside intelligence agencies which may get access to all the data. The data which is entered cannot be deleted. That means once you register for an Aadhaar card by providing all your information it is beyond your control and you will not be able to cancel your identification data.

Bad implementation- Though the concept of one ID proof valid for everything was a good idea, its execution was very poor. The private agencies that have been a part of the process have had allegations of selling data against them. Though the government claims that the data is safe but the failure to implement a basic security provision like password proves otherwise. The Aadhar card will be as genuine as the ID proof such as PAN card or driving license that was used.So incase the person applying for Aadhaar has fake copies of these documents he will be able to get a legitimate Aadhaar and many cases of this have come to light.

Cost of the Aadhaar project- Since India is a developing country it is bothering many people how such a big expense is going to help the common citizen. Instead of spending so much money in establishing an entirely new identification system which is not even full proof the money could have been used in other useful projects.