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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Christian Service Requirements and Forms

A Statement of Philosophy and Procedures
   The purpose of the Christian Service Requirement is to assist and to encourage students to apply their learning in practical service to others. Service to others is a characteristic desired of CCS graduates. Our example is Jesus Christ, Himself, who "did not come to be served, but to serve ..." Matthew 20:28.
   Each high school student is required to complete approved Christian volunteer service each year.
   Approval for all work must be secured before October 15. A school form will be provided to each student in advance which will require the signature of the student, parent, and pastor/supervisor of this volunteer work. That form, describing the volunteer work, will be approved by the appropriate school authorities. The student may then begin the service. Work for the appropriate school year must be completed before April 30 of that year.
   The work does not always have to be in the local church, but the preference is that it should be related to a Christian organization. Attendance at church services does not count. Senior service at school or any CCS related service (such as SOAP) does not count. Students may not be dismissed from school during regular school days or hours and receive credit for this requirement. There can be no remuneration for such service. It is required that students be accountable to someone other than a parent, guardian, or relative. In such cases where the parent is directly responsible for a particular ministry or activity, the pastor or alternative church leader should be identified as the site supervisor.
   Summer ministry can be counted for the following year provided it is approved before school is out in the previous school year. Exceptions "may" be made to this in emergency situations if requested before September 15, but any such exceptions need to meet the normal criteria and if approved they will have additional requirements.
   The service can include such ministries as:
  • provide any form of service in or for the church
  • teach or assist in Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, be an active member of the evangelization program or class, sing in the choir, or usher
  • provide musical accompaniment in the worship service, visit or assist the elderly, sick, infirm, or the hospitalized; make meals for shut-ins, the elderly, or the needy; work in the nursery
  • provide academic tutoring to an individual in your church, work on the church newsletter
  • do maintenance or building work at church or for needy church members
  • mow the church lawn
  • any service activity for individuals of your community which is done in the name of your church
  • do volunteer work for Christian organizations - Salvation Army, Boardwalk Chapel, Trevor's Place, etc.
    The above are some suggestions. If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to ask the Bible teacher or your pastor.
   If there is any risk in the volunteer work the student performs, the student and parents need to make sure there is adequate insurance coverage through their family or through the agency for which the student is volunteering.
   All service must be completed after approval by CCS is secured. Approval is secured by turning in this form to the Guidance Office for approval by the school authorities. All approval is granted with the understanding that these criteria have been met. Any exceptions to the above policies would have to be provided in writing by appropriate school authorities.
   At the conclusion of this service, the pastor/supervisor will evaluate the work done. The school will give the student credit on a pass/fail basis. No other grade will be issued. The service, however, must be completed in a satisfactory manner each year as a graduation requirement.