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Financial Aid Informaton and Resources

Investment in an education is one of the major financial decisions a student and family will make in a lifetime.  For the Christian school family that has seen the provision of God and knows that God will continue to provide, the projected costs of a college education can raise significant financial issues.  Resources are available in the public and private sector to assist families to reach their educational goals.  The resources included on this page are intended to orient families to the process and resources that may be used by God to provide the financial needs for a higher education.



Orientation to and General Assistance with the Financial Aids Process

The sources listed below represent a reliable place to begin learning about the financial aid process.  Additional resources can be found on the Internet using the standard search engines.  Be certain to double check all of the facts with the guidance office or the financial aids office at the college of your choice.

Schreiner University in Texas has developed a brief slide presentation providing information students and parents should know about the financial aid process.  The subtitle of the presentation, Everything to know about Financial Aid & How It Fits Together.  For Parents and Students provides an excellent overview of the financial process.

The US Government provides students and parents with information concerning financial aid issues and resources available from the government at the web site Student Aid on the Web.  An additional source of information from the federal government is the booklet Funding Beyond High School.  The booklet is available in the high school guidance office or on-line in an electronic format at

One of the most popular places to find information and advice concerning financial aid is  This is a public service site that is free for students and parents.  A great deal of information can be gleaned by working through the different pages.

Financial Aid Calculators

Additional Useful Connections for the Financial Aid Process