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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

College and the High School Athlete

Included in the gifts God gives to each person are physical attributes and abilities.  In the wise use of these gifts, students often hone these attributes and abilities with skill to excel in athletic performance.  Colleges often times recognize these skills and award scholarships to help students continue to improve their performance and continue to provide the important education required in our society.  Students who may find themselves interested in using their athletic skills as a tool in the choice of a college or students who may be offered assistance to attend a particular college and participate in a specific athletic team must work within strict guidelines.  The information provided on this page will connect the student with information that will outline the requirements and restrictions that must be followed.  Parents and students with questions should contact a coach, the athletic director, and the guidance office for more information.  Some of the connections below are provided in a PDF format and require the use of the Adobe Reader.  The Reader is available as a free download on the CCS homepage.

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