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Connect to Scholarship Possibilities

Resources to assist students and families to afford further education are available in a variety of places.  Often times local financial institutions, civic organizations, and churches can assist families to identify sources for financial assistance.  In today's wired society, the internet is often the most effective way to find and apply for scholarship help.

The links provided on this page represent two different types of sources.  The first set of links connects with larger organizations that provide on-line searches for scholarships.  The student will generally provide a personal profile that will form the basis for the scholarship search.  The second set of links represents scholarships and information that has been provided to Cumberland Christian School and is made available to students and parents.  Students can save the information to a local disk drive and print out the necessary forms as desired.

On-Line Links to Scholarship Searches

College Scholarship Links

The links listed below represent scholarship information that has been provided to the Cumberland Christian School Guidance Office.  Selecting the particular link will either provide access to the most recent PDF copy of the scholarship information or connect directly to the scholarship web site.

Paper copies of materials are available at the CCS Guidance Office for use by students and parents.  CCS students interested in programs requiring a nomination should speak to the Guidance Department for additional information.

No scholarships found.

Links to Scholarship Web Sites Listed in the Scholarship Database

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