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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Thoughts for Middle School Students

8th Grade students will be taking the EXPLORE readiness test.  The links and information below can assist parents and students better understand what to expect on the test and the benefits gained in the test results.

As always, contact Mr. Gebhardt for more information.

  • This links directly to the EXPLORE student site.  It contains some very straight forward infromation about the test and using the results to plan for the future.
  • A brief description of the benefits provided by the EXPLORE program for students and parents.
  • This is a more detailed explanation of the EXPLORE test and program including information on the college readiness standards the EXPLORE is evaluating. A more detailed explanation is provided for each of the four sections of the test.
  • As the title suggests, this document contains sample questions from al four areas of the Explore test. The basic structure of the test is also described.
  • This is an electronic copy of the booklet that will provided to each student along with their test results. Parents interested in seeing in advance a sample of the information that will be available to them and their student may choose to Explore in advance.
  • Part of the ACT College Readiness Series outlining the importance of middle school as laying an essential foundation for success in high school, college, and the work force. The report gives students, parents, and schools insight into the academic requirements for continuing future success in school and work.
  • This is an ACT Policy Report describing the importance of assisting middle school students to begin making the careful choices about high school with a view toward college preparedness. It offers some recommendations for schools and parents and a rationale for using EXPLORE to assist students.
  • This is a short booklet from the US Department of Education that is subtitled: "A Workbook for Students in Middle and Junior High Schools." Paper copies are available in the Guidance Office and will be available at the January 11 meeting.
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