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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Reading Lists



The people you meet and the books you read can have a serious impact on your life!  

Look forward to the new books you'll read...


  • CCS requires that students read a certain number of books from a list of titles. 

  • Summer reading is required.

  • Students read fiction, non-fiction, biography, Christian theme, and other genres. 

  • Our school library has these titles; however, students may borrow copies from other libraries.  

  • All titles must be on our CCS list to qualify for this requirement.   

                           Accessing the CCS Reading Lists is easy.

Just click on the links above for your child's grade and you will be taken directly to the list.

Elementary Summer Reading Requirement

Each student in the elementary school is required to read two books from the appropriate Library Reading List during the summer. The student is to use the book list from the grade level that he/she is going into next school year. The student (with help from the parent) is to complete and return the two certificates below to next year’s classroom teacher.
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