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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

Parent Work Days

The next parent work day is Saturday, March 16, 2019

Contact Jamie Westcott to sign up: 856-696-1600, x322 or

Thank you, parents, for all your hard work!



In enrolling at CCS, each family assumes a responsibility to help with the physical work in cleaning and maintenance of the school. While many parents help in various ways during the school year, every parent has the responsibility to help with at least one maintenance workday each year. Such effort not only helps to accomplish necessary work, but it provides valuable fellowship as well.

A. Who - The work is required of any mother or father who lives at home with the child. Each parent is required to assist in at least one workday before the end of the school year. A minimum of (4) four hours of assistance is expected of each parent on one of the assigned workdays. One parent may not do the work for the other parent. Parents may not bring in children on workdays. Parents are asked to exchange babysitting with another family.

B. Schedule - A schedule for the year is published in September. Paid school staff members will be present to direct parents on the work needing to be done. To help in organization, the administration will assign parents to specific dates. Parents should be here on the assigned date unless other prior arrangements are made with the business office. The tentative schedule for this coming school year is found on the CCS website calendar. If you have children in more than one grade, it is preferred that you help the first time there is a grade scheduled in which you have a child. If a parent waits until the last day and for some reason cannot make it, that parent must pay the work fee.

C. Obligation - A parent who does not wish to meet this requirement or who fails to come on a workday may be excused by paying the work fee in lieu of providing the service. The fee will be doubled if both parents wish to be exempt. A parent wishing this exemption for the workday may pay this fee any time before the scheduled date or before the last one for the year. If the parent has not attended the scheduled workday and has not made other arrangements with the business office before that scheduled date, the family will be billed for the fee. Once a parent has been invoiced for failure to complete the maintenance workday as scheduled, the parent will be required to pay the fee. The school administration may consider special circumstances such as medical excuses for exemption to this policy. Parents who withdraw during the year will have the workday fee prorated over the four marking periods.