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Reaching the Mind, the Heart, and the Hands for Christ!

School Lunches

2017-18 School Lunches

School lunches will begin on Wednesday, September 6


All lunch orders must be placed by 9:00 a.m. each day.  You may pay in advance for lunches and/or milk; however, credit or refunds cannot be given for any absences.  All lunches are $3.75 plus $0.50 for milk/juice.

We no longer have vending machines in the lunchroom, but we will be selling snack food items and drinks during lunch.

Our menu is as follows:


Monday  ≈  Downtown Deli
o    Pastelillos (cheese steak or chicken) w/rice
o    Shredded pork w/rice                
Tuesday & Wednesday  ≈  Burger King
o    6 Piece Nuggets w/French fries             
o    Chicken Sandwich w/French fries            
Thursday  ≈  Papa John’s
o    Cheese pizza w/chips        
o    Pepperoni pizza w/chips
  *additional slice (must order above first) –  $1.00
Friday  ≈  Wheat Road Cold Cuts
o    5” Italian Hoagie                     
o    5” Turkey Hoagie                     
o    16 oz. Mac & Cheese                
≈  We will also be offering salads every day!  ≈ 
Mixed Garden Salad (with or without chicken, same price)
(Salads come w/cheese, croutons, & tomatoes, Ranch or Italian dressing)