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The Beginning of Cumberland Christian School

A small group of Christian parents met several times in 1946 to consider the formation of a Christian School. After much prayer and discussion, a constitution was written, a Board of Directors elected, and the school was incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey. The Vineland Christian School opened in September of 1946, with one teacher and seventeen students in grades two through six. The old Spring Road Sunday School building was to house the school for the next twenty-two years.

Looking forward to more adequate and expanded facilities, ten and one-half acres were purchased in 1956 on West Sherman Avenue. After 13 more years, the Lord led to begin building for that site. Only a fraction of the needed funds was available, but faith in the ability of the Lord to provide was rewarded by the erection of the first stage of our present Bower Building.


During the school year 1970-71, the school increased in enrollment, so ground was broken for an addition to the building consisting of classrooms, administrative office space and storage facilities. An eighth grade was added at this time. In 1976 eight more acres of land were purchased. More land was cleared for athletic fields, and a master plan was developed. A capacity enrollment during 1976-77 school year necessitated the construction of additional facilities including classrooms, a library and an art room in 1978.

A decision was made in 1979 to begin the high school program. The plan was to add ninth grade and one additional grade thereafter until all 12 grades were included in our program. To facilitate the plan, additional classroom space was built in the summer of 1980.

A New Name, A New Look

It was in January of 1980 that the school name was changed to Cumberland Christian School to reflect the fact that the students came from all areas of the county.

In 1981, another 10 acres of adjacent land were purchased so that the school campus consists of a total of 28 acres The summer of 1982 featured the completion of more classrooms ("C" wing) bringing classroom facilities in the Bower Building to almost 30,000 square feet. The 1982-83 school year featured the graduation of our first high school twelfth grade class.

Another major building program began in 1981 for an all-purpose facility, including a gym area, stage area, locker rooms, kitchen and classrooms. The building was to be constructed as funds became available. In 1989 this facility named Stratton Hall was completed. It holds 1,000 people for meetings and has become the "hub" of high school activities.

The most recent building program was completed in the summer of 1998 with a classroom addition joining Stratton Hall.

In 1998 our school received dual accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This dual accreditation was renewed for another full term in January 2008.

More Educational Opportunities

September 2004 was an exciting year as CCS added a 4 years old kindergarten class to our academic program. This program provides a learning rich environment – one designed to mix fun with readiness skills.

Since 1946, the school name has changed, the location has changed and many students have passed through the doors, but the vision remains – providing quality Christian education to Christian families in South Jersey.

The unifying factor in our school is families working together in a common concern for a Christian education for their children--a total education: physically, spiritually, socially, and academically.



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