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National Junior Honor Society

Protocol for Consideration of Nomination

The process for qualifying students for the National Junior Honor Society at Cumberland Christian School is modeled after the same NHS protocol and criteria that is followed in Cumberland Christian School High School. This qualification process do not guarantee actual nomination to the NJHS, but is the first step in the process.

Most of the procedures are outlined in the Charter Rules: NJHS Handbook.  The one exception is the “Character” evaluation. We here at CCS, in both the Middle and High Schools, survey teachers to consider any “character that is not Christ-like” or if there are “… doubts or concerns about leadership ability” of the nominees.

To be considered for nomination students:
  • must have been enrolled as a full-time student of the CCS Middle School for at least one full school year, or a part-time student of at least one semester.  Only 7th and 8th graders may qualify.
  • must have maintained a cumulative final average GPA of 92 or above for all middle school years at CCS (or comparable home schooled years with official documentation from an educational institution).
  • may not had any major discipline issues throughout the middle school years at CCS (as determined by the MS principal).
  • must submit a typed essay of no more than 2 pages stating why they believe they should be considered for this honor.

Once students have fulfilled these requirements, teachers are given a list of names for consideration, evaluating their character as described above. Teachers are asked to prayerfully consider the list, marking off any student(s) that they feel does not qualify for this aspect.  Teachers are told to sign their names on the form, but they do not need to elaborate with reasons, unless they choose to do so. Teachers are told that the principal/headmaster may speak with them about their concerns.   It is stated in the handbook that the names of the teachers shall remain anonymous to the parents. Those surveyed will include both academic and non-academic instructors. Neither the NJHS advisor nor the Middle School Principal may fill out this survey, as they do no have any part in the selection process.  It has been an accepted practice that students receiving three or more checks are eliminated from the selection process.

At the same time, parents of eligible students will receive a mailed survey, asking them to verify the areas of service, leadership, and citizenship that their child has outlined on the form. These will be used by the Middle School Principal and Headmaster to determine selection. The final decision is made by these individuals.

Those students who are not chosen may meet with the principal, who will explain the selection process and outline areas that can be improved in order to be reconsidered for nomination the next year.

The NJHS charter explains that all selections are final and may not be appealed.

Character Counts

The following is an excerpt from the National Honor Society Handbook. 17th Edition, 2011, pages 39-41 defining character:

"Character is by all accounts a difficult criterion to define. The faculty council should consider the positive as well as the negative aspects of each candidate’s character. All judgments in this and other selection criteria should be free of speculation, rumor, or hearsay.  National Junior Society is a member of the Character Counts™ Coalition and supports and recommends the use of a multifaceted definition known as the Six Pillars of Character.

A person of character demonstrates the following six qualities: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Schools are encouraged to take this model, modify it to meet their local needs, and utilize it frequently in the work of their chapter."

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