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Every parent, grandparent, and friend of Cumberland Christian School is encouraged to do volunteer service at CCS, and there are a variety of ways to volunteer.  Parents especially enjoy participating in the classroom lives of their children.  Sometimes parents can be physically present.  At other times, due to having young children at home and/or a busy work schedule, being an at-home volunteer may be more practical.  Both types of volunteers are needed and necessary.  In addition, grandparents can get involved by going to the CCS Grandparents' Association page for information specific to them.

Here are just a few of the ways you can help.

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom volunteers can help by:

Listening to: 
  • Scripture Verses
  • Victory Drill 
  • Math Mastery       
Working with students: 
  • to help them grasp academic concepts (example: learning to count back change at a "classroom store")
  • assist with science experiments by being an EXPERIMENT PARENT
Being an extra set of hands for: 
  • filing of papers in weekly folders  
  • Helping with special crafts                   
  • A talent
  • An area of knowledge                 
  • Playing a musical instrument
At-home volunteers can support the teacher by:
  • Making phone calls 
  • Typing
  • Preparing crafts
  • Cutting out laminated items
  • Making learning centers
  • Putting books on tape for students who learn better auditorily

Please contact the office at 856-696-1600 to indicate how you would like to help.  Please feel free to identify additional areas in which you are talented that you feel may benefit the school.