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Christian Service Requirement

The purpose of Christian Service Requirement is to insure that students apply their learning in practical service to others.  Service to others is a characteristic desired of CCS graduates.  Our example is Jesus Christ, Himself, who “did not come to be served, but to serve..." (Matthew 22:28).

The requirement is for a total of 10-30 hours of approved volunteer work during each academic year (pending board approval.  In previous years only juniors and seniors had to do Christian service).  Students may use hours worked on the CCS campus during school service days to count toward meeting their requirement hours. 

Requirements by Grade Level
  • Freshman – 10 hours
  • Sophomores – 15 hours
  • Juniors – 30 hours
  • Seniors – 30 hours

A form will be provided for each student in advance (links below), which will require the signature of the student, parent, and pastor or supervisor of this volunteer work.  The appropriate school authorities will approve that form, describing the volunteer work.  The student may then begin the service.  (Point of emphasis - work should be approved before it is started.)

Service Guidelines

At the conclusion of this service, the pastor/supervisor will evaluate the work done.  There may be periodic reports during the service as well.  The school will give the student credit on a pass/fail other grade.  The service, however, must be completed in a satisfactory manner each year as a graduation requirement to be promoted.

The service may include such ministries as: teaching Sunday school, serving in the nursery, working with audio-visual groups, approved mission outreach activities, visiting the hospitalized, cleaning the church or mowing the church lawn, singing in the choir, and many more. 

The work does not always have to be in the local church, but the preference is that it should be related to a Christian organization. Attendance at your church services would not count. Senior service at school or any CCS related service, however, may count. Students may serve for one year at CCS in Summer Safari or Sports Camps. 

One year must be completed outside of CCS programs. 

Students may not be dismissed from school during regular school hours and receive credit for this requirement. There can be no remuneration for such service. It is required that students be accountable to someone other than a parent, guardian, or relative. In such cases where the parent is directly responsible for a particular ministry or activity, the pastor or alternative church leader should be identified as the site supervisor.  Only one year of this service may be completed at CCS programs unless otherwise approved by the Guidance Office.

Work may be done during the summer for the coming school year provided it meets all necessary criteria.  It is recommended that school authorities approve work in advance in order to be certain the requirements are met.

Christian Service Approval Form

Use this form before the Christian service period/project begins to secure approval.

Christian Service Evaluation Form

Use this form at the end of the Christian service period/project to indicate successful completion of the requirement.