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Guidance Forms

Documents may be printed and returned directly to the school office by standard mail, fax, or email attachment.  All email must be clearly marked with student or family name.


Only alumni may request transcripts by fax or email attachment, provided that forms show actual signature.  Alumni should be certain to use the appropriate form and make appropriate financial arrangements.  The cost of transcripts for alumni is $2.00.  Alumni who have changed their name by marriage or other legal means should be certain to indicate maiden name to ensure accurate identification.

Transcript Request Form for Alumni and Former Students

Alumni and former students should use this form to request transcript copies for colleges or employers.

Transcript Request Form for Current Students

Current students should use this form to request a high school transcript to be sent to the destination of their choice (college, scholarship, or employer, etc.).

Application for Honors Activity

This form is used to communicate the particular activity a student has chosen to meet the additional outside activity requirement for the honors diploma.

Christian Service Approval Form

Students seeking approval of their planned Christian Service requirements should use this form to report their plans to the school.

Christian Service Evaluation Form

Students should report the satisfactory completion of the Christian Service requirement to the school on this form.