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Paying for College

Financial Aid and Scholarship Information

Investment in an education is one of the major financial decisions a student and family will make in a lifetime.  For the Christian school family that has seen the provision of God and knows that God will continue to provide, the projected costs of a college education can raise significant financial issues.  Resources are available in the public and private sector to assist families to reach their educational goals.  The resources included on this page are intended to orient families to the process and resources that may be used by God to provide the financial needs for a higher education.

Orientation to and General Assistance with the Financial Aid Process

The sources listed below represent a reliable place to begin learning about the financial aid process.  Additional resources can be found on the Internet using the standard search engines.  Be certain to double check all of the facts with the guidance office or the financial aid office at the college of your choice.

Financial Aid Calculators

Collegeboard College Cost Projection Calculator
Families need to consider the cost of the completed college education as they plan for the future.  The College Cost Projection calculator is one of many places on-line where families can get a fuller picture concerning the total cost of college. Loan Calculator
Frequently students and parents struggle with the need to seek loans to meet the cost of higher education.  A number of websites provide helpful calculators to give families a better picture of repayment schedules and interest rates.  A typical loan calculator is found at this web site.

Useful Connections for the Financial Aid Process

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
The Free Application of Federal Student Aid form is usually completed electronically on-line.  The paper forms are being phased out. Families preferring the paper format can download and print out the form, contact the guidance office, or contact the college financial aid office for additional assistance.  IT IS NEVER A REQUIREMENT FOR A FAMILY TO PAY A FEE TO COMPLETE THE FAFSA ON-LINE.  IF PAYMENT IS REQUESTED, IT IS LIKELY THAT YOU ARE ON THE WRONG WEB SITE.  The official web site can be reached at the link above.

The Selective Service System
It is required that all young males register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  Students can register at the local post office or on-line.  Registration is required in order to receive any financial aid from the government and many other sources.  The link above connects with the Selective Service registration page.

CSS Financial Aid Profile
Some colleges or scholarship programs may require additional financial information concerning a student to award non-government funds.  The service that is generally used to complete this task is the CollegeBoard CCS Financial Aid Profile.  There is a cost for this service.  Student should only complete this information when a school or scholarship in which they are interested requires it.


College Scholarship Links

The links listed below represent scholarship information that has been provided to the Cumberland Christian School Guidance Office.  Selecting the particular link will either provide access to the most recent PDF copy of the scholarship information or connect directly to the scholarship web site.

Paper copies of materials are available at the CCS Guidance Office for use by students and parents.  CCS students interested in programs requiring a nomination should speak to the Guidance Department for additional information.         

American Chemical Society Scholars Program

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Essay Scholarship contest

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

Mensa Foundation Scholarship Competition

New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants High School Scholarship

RMHC Scholars

Summer Hours