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Homeschool Students

Home Education Partnership Program (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

The Administration and Board of Directors of Cumberland Christian School recognize the Biblical mandate to parents concerning education and child training (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Therefore, in order to support those parents of who have decided to educate their children full-time in their home, Cumberland Christian School has implemented a Home Education Partnership Program.

Requirements to Enroll in the Program

1. Students must meet the same enrollment requirements as full-time students and go through the same application procedure.

2. Students must be in high school. Part-time is not offered for elementary or middle school students. 

3. Tuition will be based on a fee structure of $250 per credit.

4. Financial aid is not available for part-time tuition.


Services Provided

Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Students may participate in curricular (academic courses) and co-curricular activities, such as athletics and fine arts.

Standardized Testing

Achievement Testing

          For First Student                             $50
          Each Additional Student             $20

PSAT Testing                                               $35

Standardized Achievement Tests (Iowa Basic Skills) and College Board (PSAT) are administered by Cumberland Christian School. When Cumberland Christian School schedules these tests, provision will be made to provide opportunities for home education students to take the tests as well. Cumberland Christian School will provide scoring.

Extra Services Provided

School Pictures

 Home Education students may have their pictures taken on days scheduled by Cumberland Christian School. The same fees will be charged for pictures that apply to all students involved.


In order to receive a diploma from Cumberland Christian School, a student will have to be enrolled as a regular full-time student his/her last full year.

Part-time seniors have the option to participate in graduation. He/She will receive a certificate of completion in lieu of a diploma.