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A Letter to Prospective Donors

To our prospective donors,

I am writing to you about supporting Cumberland Christian School. It is my sincere hope that you will join us by providing a generous gift.

As with typical gift letters, the writer usually puts in a feel-good story that captures the beautiful atmosphere and wonderful people who are a part of the organization. It also includes the writer of the letter having a personal connection with the source of the donation as a result of firsthand experiences. This letter will be a bit different. I am personally connected to the school although I am not an alumnus. Once upon a time I was a student, but due to my immaturity and behavioral problems, I had to be removed. This was a difficult and embarrassing time for my family. I had no excuse, and the dismissal was warranted. I simply had not lived up to my responsibilities as a CCS student. Thankfully, the Lord’s grace was sufficient, and He carried me through my foolishness until I had a day of reckoning that changed my life. I repented and turned in a new direction. Being accountable for my actions and being responsible for the life He has given me was an important step in my salvation. I may not have graduated from Cumberland Christian, but it was obvious to me that the good seed of sound doctrine implanted in me during my time there continued to grow in me. Growing in Him, I was able to move on in life and was blessed with a wonderful family. When it came time to send our children to school, I had no reservations about placing them here. God is one of second chances, and I believe His work in me brought us back full circle to Cumberland Christian School. Each of my children have attended and graduated from CCS. Even though they have moved on to college, I still have a heart to serve here and have continued as a board member and, more recently, as board president. 

I hope this story warms your heart. This school has been a blessing to me and my family as well as countless other families in this area. It is my hope that you will help us to continue the mission of reaching the mind, heart and hands of children for Christ. 

Sincerely with God’s love,

Jerry Fields, Jr.