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Please take a minute to read this recent testimonial from a parent of a CCS student.

"Growing up my husband and I both attended public schools for elementary and high school, and, although we turned out fine, we knew it wasn't what we wanted for our children.  The world was changing too rapidly and morals and values were no longer being funneled through public education nor was the accountability with such large schools.  Before we even had children our plan was they would attend Cumberland Christian for high school, as that was where we felt the balance of experiencing both public and Christian schools would be important.  However we ended up moving just before our oldest's middle school career would begin, and we were faced with sending her then or waiting another 3 years.

We prayed a lot, and decided to move our plan up, and she would attend middle and high school at CCS (funny how that works).  In the moment as a parent you second guess most decisions you make for your children.  Family and even friends would question our decision and offer their opinion, yet we knew in our hearts that this is where we were supposed to be. Since my oldest has graduated and moved on to a secular university, where she lives on campus in a city setting, I decided to ask her about her time at CCS and how it prepared her for where she is at this stage in her life and to ask her if she felt the decision we made was a good one. (Trust me, it has not been easy by far but this conversation made it worth every second.) 

I asked if she felt CCS prepared her academically (psych major) for her classes in college.  She said she felt as though they did.  In her experience the teachers at CCS taught her to listen to their stories and lessons, which helped her to take good notes, which in the end is a great quality when you have a 3-hour lecture class.  She also felt that the teachers would relate the lesson or story to a life experience if they didn't think the student was absorbing it which helped to keep the interest.

Praying before class and before a test and learning to pray for others was something they did every day.  She said she started to take it for granted in high school.  She now relies on it, starts her day off with praying and continues before a test or anything that is making her anxious.  She thanks her teachers for this attribute as well and says it has helped her academics in college.

I then asked if her elementary and CCS experience prepared her socially for college.  She said elementary school for her was helpful in the manner of laying the foundation academically and joining kids of different backgrounds and religions together.  This taught her compassion for others but also just how hard the world can be.  When coming to CCS, she said she really started to learn to be grateful and have a grateful heart towards others, but that you didn't have to compromise who you were as a person.  She felt like the two experiences helped prepare her to be a "good person" with morals and values.  She said she is confident in who she is and what her purpose is.  Looking around at her peers she says many struggle with their identity leading them to make poor choices and empty relationships. CCS has helped her solidify what she wants in the next chapter of her story.

Finally, I asked if she thought sending her children (years away) to a Christian school was important.  Her feelings are yes, she feels it is beneficial in today’s world.  She also plans on going back and visiting her teachers and administrators to let them know personally that they made a difference in her life. The truth is high school is something you have to do, college isn't.  Your opinions and attitude after high school are your own. You can stay with the negativity (every place has it) or take the positive and build off it.

We are beyond grateful that by the grace and commitment of God, that our experience has been an overall positive one, which has helped mold an awesome path for her life.  We have another child who is currently in high school, and I will be more than happy to update you on his experience when he has graduated.  We personally feel as though the families at CCS have become part of our family and offer a sense of community like no other.  I plan on continuing to give back to CCS for years to come, in hopes that my grandchildren will one day attend."